Kilolo Agape Pre and Primary

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Symbol Montessori - Kilolo Academy for Pre and Primary

We offer a day care centre for children from the area of Kilolo.

We believe that each child is a unique person who is worth to be fostered and encouraged according to his or her skills, and that the learning process should take place in the speed suited best for the child.

Here your child will develop social competence and become aware of the value of his / her personality.

Symbol Academic Excellence, Kilolo Academy for Pre and Primary
Excellence in our Primary School

For your child we offer a high standart education paired with practical experience in Information Technology & Computer.

Your child will be prepared to proceed to any other secondary school in Tanzania and will be able to set up email accounts, do internet research on their own and install / deinstall programs and apps under Windows and Mac OSX.

Symbol Certified Teachers, Kilolo Academy for Pre and Primary

It is important to us that your child has the best teachers available to us.

They are trained by German experts and specialists and certified. They bring at least three years of experience and have a proven track record.

Our teaching staff is crossculturally experienced. We care for the well-being of your child.

Symbol Ideal Learning Environment - Kilolo Academy for Pre and Primary
Ideal Learning

Your child will find the perfect surrounding for undistracted learning in Kilolo.

The school facilities ar at an elevation of 1900 m above sealevel, sourrounded by forest and fields. The air is fresh and clean.

We are far away from the rush and traffic of the city and are able to offer a secure place for both day and boarding children.

We are:

a children relief organisation and we care for vulnerable children. During the last twenty years which we have been working in Tanzania, we have discovered that there is a grave need for good schools. We want to fill this gap in the field of primary schools. With this school (with optional boarding) we want to asure parents that in any case their children are excellently prepared for proceeding to institutes of higher education.

We are implementing high educational standarts and provide a safe, clean and homy place for our pre- and primary school students.

Streetkids International e.V., an internationally operating children relief organisation.
The international administration and fundraising are in the headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Tanzanian branch of Streetkids Intl. has several orphanages in Mwandege, near Dar es Salaam, and is running the Tumaini Friends Pre- and Primary School.

Kilolo Pre School Buildings, Areal View
KAPP Kilolo Pre- and Primary, Frontview
Kilolo Pre School Buildings
Kilolo Pre School

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